We get asked often, what are our favorite items for travel to make things easier traveling with kids. Here’s a list of our favorite travel items we’ve purchased from Amazon over the years that we now consider must haves for any trip.

We found a great luggage set on Amazon, the Samsonite Winfield 2 3 piece Hardside Set. It’s been a great set and we’ve used it often!  It’s been to numerous hotels, cruises, airplanes, back of cars, bell hops, magical express, transfer services, and more!  We’ve  had zero issues with them!  Plus, we love to bright colors so they cannot be missed!

We purchased some packing cubes to help keep the boys clothes separated better and to keep us more organized while traveling.  Our youngest wears many of our oldest old clothing, so sometimes it get confusing on what shirt belongs to which kid.  We purchased 2 of these sets for our family of 4, and were all 4 able to pack in these for a 9 day trip to Disney!  I did wash while on the trip, but it was more for underclothes and bathing suits. I HIGHLY suggest getting packing cubes for any travel.

We have used a digital hanging luggage scale  for a few years now, and it’s always spot on for the weight of our bags.  It’s so much easier than stepping on the scale and then carrying the bag on the scale again, etc.  Plus, it’s great for your return trip to make sure your bags are under weight before you get to the airport!

I grabbed my crossbody sling bag a few years ago, and I now use it for everything!  I’m sure you’ve seen it in many of our pictures!  I love the pocket on the strap that can hold sunglasses or cell phones.  Plus it’s so easy to store all of our rain gear, snacks, fans, and more!

When visiting Florida, you know it’s going to rain at some point during the day, especially during the summer months!  Rain gear that is compact and can easily be tossed into your bag is so important.  Ponchos are great for the unexpected quick rain showers.  Grab these from the dollar store before leaving home and keep these in your bag the WHOLE trip! You never know when the unexpected downpour will happen.  We do prefer to have some good rain jackets with us too that will fit and feel comfortable. We learned our kids are not a fan of the oversized ponchos that wont stay around their faces well.  We now all have good rain jackets that keep us dry and don’t fit us like a trash bag.  Also, make sure to bring 2 pair of shoes that you can wear to walk around the park.  If your shoes get soaked, you want to let them dry out before wearing them again to protect your feet.  Blisters are no fun at Disney, but we also pack these Blister Bandaids to help cushion and protect our feet.  Make sure your shoes are broken in well before doing a lot of walking and make sure your socks fit with those shoes well.  I may be the only one this happens to, but some socks work better with some shoes than others.

When you head to Disney in the summertime, these cooling cloths are amazing! No way I would go to any park in the summer without them!

To continue on with the cooling feature, we grabbed these Mobile Phone Fan that plugs right into your phone!  These quickly became a favorite travel item since our phones were out often grabbing more Fast Passes or snapping some pictures. Plus the size of these fans is so small compared to many of the others. Only downfall is there is no way to clip them onto the outside of a bag.

We are on our phones a lot checking fast passes, ordering from mobile ordering, getting more fast passes, taking pictures, viewing photo pass pictures, and more.  As much as we try to unplug from the outside world, we are plugged in heavy to Disney! You do have WIFI all throughout the park, which helps on data, but we still drain phone batteries quickly.  We make sure to always have a Battery Backup with us in the parks!  You can also purchase a Fuel Rod in the park and exchange it when it’s empty.  However at the end of the day, many of the Fuel Rod locations are out of charged Fuel Rods.  We prefer to carry our own.  I cannot suggest this item enough as a MUST have for a Disney trip now.

Are you looking for a way to surprise your kids for a trip? Thinking of doing a scavenger hunt?  We purchased this Southwest Plane to tell the kids we would be flying to Disney!

Our children have outgrown strollers, but there are many different styles of stroller on Amazon that will surely meet your needs for your trip!  Make sure you have a rain cover for your stroller.

We will continue working on this list and adding our favorite travel items to it!  What are you must have travel items for you family?

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